• Elizabeth Murdoch College, 80 Warrandyte Road, Langwarrin


Tickets available at the door on the day of competition

EFTPOS available (tap only)

Entry prices for the audience

  • Adults $18
  • Concession $16
  • Children $10
  • Coaches with VCCA card $10


  • Prams ARE allowed in the theatre but must remain against the side wall

Dressing rooms

LPAC Layout

Stage size, curtains and lighting

  • Stage size: W10 x D9
  • Centre front dot is approximately 1.7m back from the edge of the stage.  All dots are approximately 2.5m apart and side dots are 2.5m from the side lines
  • As per CVI rule 2.9.1, mid curtain may be used for reveals but competitors must be as far back to the curtain as possible.
  • Limited special lighting available – 9 spots, stage colour wash, cyc colour wash
  • DLP available for all sessions (not full size but the adjudicators still like to see it used). Operator to be provided to load and play from the bio box.
  • DLP Costs – $15 for single use, $25 for full competition (more than one item).  Invoiced at the end of the Longbeach competition season.
  • Longbeach strongly recommends using PowerPoint for DLPs as we cannot guarantee that venue equipment will read mp4 files.

Filming of your items

  • All Club Coaches have the opportunity to have their performances professionally filmed for the coach’s private use.
  • In 2019 Brian from Panorama Videos has requested the following information be provided to all competing clubs…..
    • Those with a permanent booking need not do anything – they will be filmed automatically
    • If you wish to have a permanent booking, please contact Brian on 93385256 asap and your pricing will be held at last year’s prices
    • All other clubs must pre-book no later than 3 days prior to your competition day and you will also be charged at last year’s prices. Ring Brian on 93385256 to book.
    • If no pre-bookings are made for a particular session there may not be a videographer allocated
    • Booking on the day is still possible IF A VIDEOGRAPHER IS PRESENT however and additional charge of $1.00 per item will be applied
    • A booking constitutes filming all items for that club – no picking and choosing of items
    • Bookings are preferred from the Club Secretary with contact number and email address so accounts can be issued more efficiently. If individual accounts are to be sent (ie by section in one club) an additional fee will be applied.
    • Longbeach is not involved in pricing, invoicing or filming errors – all queries should be directed to Brian Godber


  • Canteen & Sausage Sizzle available


  • Ample parking available

Venue entry

  • No entry to the venue until 45 minutes prior to the start of your competition
  • No entry to the dressing rooms by parents unless wristbands have been purchased (during arrival)
  • No entry to the dressing rooms during the competition unless listed on the Backstage Form


  • Props to be taken into the venue via the stage door and then you must exit through the stage door (no access to the dressing rooms)
  • All props must be inside by no later than 10 minutes prior to the start of the section
  • Only Prop People listed on the Backstage Form will be allowed side stage

Comp merchandise

  • 2019 Longbeach badge
  • Longbeach pens

Coaches’ Check-in

  • REQUIRED PAPERWORK – to be emailed to info@longbeachcalcomp.com.au no later than the Tuesday before your competition day:
    • Lighting sheets
    • Curtain sheet
    • Backstage list
    • Team member form
    • Titles for relevant items (for data entry prior to the competition day)
    • Notification of which items will be using DLP (for data entry prior to the day) and any special lighting (smoke/haze, follow spot etc.)
    • Notification of how many coaches passes will be required on the day
  • Show coaches card for free pass
    • Coaches’ passes available for up to 3 registered coaches per club for up to 2 teams
    • For clubs with 3 teams – up to 4 passes, and clubs with 4 teams – up to 5 passes (only for registered coaches!)
    • Any further passes required will be sold for $10 for registered coaches
    • Unregistered coaches need to purchase a child’s ticket