Bunjil Theatre


  • Bunjil Place, 2 Patrick North East Drive, Narre Warren VIC 3085


  • ALL tickets are allocated seating and only available through the Bunjil Theatre Ticket Box or online through the Bunjil Place website
  • Discounted coaches tickets not available for Champ sections
  • Prams NOT allowed in the theatre

Dressing Rooms

Maps will be sent to all competing clubs

Dressing Room allocation will be advised on the day

Please note that access to the dressing rooms is ONLY via the prop bay, not the foyer.  Once the competition begins, only officials for each club will be allowed in the dressing rooms.

Stage size, curtains and lighting

  • Stage dimensions will be set to match FAC / Besen / Palais
  • White scrim curtain available 600mm upstage from the House Curtain, for Championship sections ONLY
  • Mid curtain is a smother curtain (no page) and will be flown out
  • House curtain and reveals available
  • Special lighting – UV lighting, smoke machine, hazer, follow spot (own operator must be supplied) at no extra cost
  • DLP available for all sessions.  Costs – $25 for single use, $40 for full competition (more than one item).  Minimal Rules and Champ Juniors/Champ Reserve Inters – $70 for full competition.  To be invoiced at the end of the Longbeach competition season
  • Longbeach strongly recommends using PowerPoint for DLPs as we cannot guarantee that venue equipment will read mp4 files.


  • Café available in the foyer but may not cope with the rush of break time
  • Fountain Gate food court is only 5 mins walk
  • Fast Food Restaurants also only a 5 mins walk


  • Ample parking available
  • 2-3 Hour parking signs apply only Monday-Friday

Venue entry

  • No entry to the venue until 45 minutes prior to the start of your competition
  • All competitors, coaches, dressers and prop people must enter ONLY through the loading bay
  • Only those on the Backstage List provide by each competing club are permitted backstage once the competition commences.
  • PLEASE DO NOT do hair and makeup in the foyer of Bunjil Place or leave costumes/practice bags in access areas – this is a common area for the library, gallery, function rooms and Council offices.


  • Prop trucks and trailers can be driven into the loading bay, unloaded and then moved to the oval opposite the theatre

Comp merchandise

  • 2019 Longbeach badge
  • Longbeach pens

Coaches’ Check-in

    • To be confirmed